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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Osborn Property?

This document uses “Osborn Property” to reference the vacant Osborn Elementary School.

Who owns the old Osborn Property and is the City purchasing it?

The City purchased the property from the Cascade School District in early 2021.

What is the value of the Osborn Property?

The appraised value of the Osborn Property is $719,000.

I have heard about a visioning process, what is this?

As part of making a determination about future uses of the Osborn Property, the City has been asking what residents of the area would like to see at the site. We have collected information through formal and informal means. For example, in 2019, the City collected input at a citywide BBQ and held a virtual meeting this past February. The City has recently engaged the services of a consultant team to help gather additional community ideas and hopes for the Osborn Property leading to the development of three different possible site plan concepts representing the most important and desirable community uses and activities.

Who is the City’s consultant?

Through a competitive process, the City selected a team of northwest experts to assist with gathering community ideas and developing various site plan concepts for the Leavenworth community, staff, and Council to consider. The consultant team, led by Stowe Development & Strategies (SDS) also includes the consulting firms of CollinsWoerman and Leland Consulting Group.

The City selected SDS based on their experience, success, and community benefits approach to ensure the desired future, vision, and needs of the Leavenworth community are achieved.

Has any environmental investigation been conducted?

The City first conducted a Phase 1 environmental assessment and learned that there was a gasoline tank that was removed from the east side of the district office in 1989. The City Council has authorized the Mayor to commission an environmental study to conduct soil sampling and determine whether or not there was ground contamination.  AEG has been commissioned to do the work. The work started 12/4/2020 and results are expected soon.

How can I give my input and share ideas?

There are multiple ways for you to be involved, give input and share ideas. The City wants to get as many ideas as possible. First, please contact us from this website if you have any idea, thought, or comment about future uses and activities for the Osborn Property.   Second, over the next several months, we will be holding a series of virtual community meetings to generate ideas and ask for the community’s input on three different possible site plan concepts representing the most important and desirable uses and activities to occur at the Osborn Property.  We will post the various concepts on this website along with a public survey asking for your feedback.  Check both the City’s website and this website ( for more information of upcoming meeting dates and times.

Finally, everyone is encouraged to organize virtual gatherings and invite city reps to solicit and to get recommendations. You may also connect with members of the City Council or the Mayor.

What’s the best email address and or phone number?

We encourage you to use the chat or contact us functions within this website

Who decides what actually gets built at the site?

The City Council will decide future uses.

Does the Mayor decide what gets built at the site?

Actually, no. The Mayor does not have the legislative authority to solely make that determination nor does he have a vote in the City Council.

What is the role of the Mayor in this case?

The Mayor implements Council’s plans. He would be responsible for making the adopted vision for the Osborn Property a reality.

What have been the ideas suggested for the Osborn Property?

We have been fortunate to have received so many great ideas for the Property with more being added on a regular basis.  We are capturing all these ideas and posting them on this website under the Osborn Wish List tab.  These ideas and uses were identified without limitations of cost, physical space, or other factors that could determine viability.  They are in the trustiest sense a “Wish List” of possible desired uses for the site.

Will parking be provided on the Osborn Property?

The City intends to utilize on-street parking and explore shared parking opportunities with the Cascade School District in order to maximize open space on the Osborn property.  Depending on the number of parking spaces needed, on-site parking may be necessary.

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