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Osborn Wish List

The following uses have been identified by the Leavenworth community over the course of the last year as it envisions potential uses and activities that could occur at the Osborn Property.  These uses were identified without limitations of cost, physical space, or other factors that could determine viability. They are in the trustiest sense a “Wish List” of possible desired uses for the site.  Themes based on the values the uses and activities seemed to represent were created to help categorize the various uses and activities.

Over the course of the next five to six months, additional community engagement will occur seeking input, ideas, comments to develop three different possible site plan concepts representing the most important and desirable uses and activities to occur at the Osborn property. 


Recreation/Play Theme

  • Play fields

  • Recreation Center

  • Playground Equipment

  • Sports Fields, soccer, football, track, ice hockey and ice skating

  • Covered area during wet/winter months

  • Adults Ropes Course

  • Aquatic Center/Indoor Pool (competition)/Sauna/Hot tub

  • Water feature; Splash Pad; Children’s outdoor wading pool

  • Water Park

  • Skate Park

  • Gym (preservation of existing gym)

  • Indoor sports court, basketball, racquetball courts, pickleball, tennis, multi-purpose courts, weights, climbing wall; game room; Recreation Program space for karate, dance, yoga, dance, music, etc.

  • Indoor Track

  • Roller Coaster

  • Roller Skating

  • Shooting range

  • Dog park

  • Trampoline Park

  • Mountain Bike Challenge Course

  • Disc Golf

Community Space/Gathering Theme

  • Multi-Generational Community/Recreation Center

  • Daycare

  • Higher Education

  • Classroom

  • Library/book store

  • Cultural Center

  • Farmers Market

  • Food Truck Area

  • Film Festival Space

  • Indoor/Outdoor Space with retractable doors facing Orchard Street

  • Museum Space

  • Community Garden

  • Picnic/BBQ

  • Amphitheater

  • Community Garden

  • Permaculture Landscaping

  • Flex Structures

  • Open Space/Field

  • Bicycle Parking

  • More Vegetation/Trees

  • City Hall (relocation)

  • Post Office (relocation)

  • Art Gallery/School

  • Conference Room

  • Botanical Garden

  • Trails & Benches

  • Arts and Recreation Center (e.g., Moab Arts and Recreation Center, Utah)

  • Community Tool Library

Work/Live Theme

  • Business Incubation

  • Kitchen Space

  • Coffee House/Café

  • Bike Repair

  • Workshop/Artist Studios

  • Makers Space

  • Stem Lab

  • Co-working spaces

  • Place for Non-profit’s

  • Affordable/Workforce Housing

  • Classroom

  • Condo w/park

  • Data Center with energy transfer to warm community pool

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